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  • Daily English 2


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  • Daily English 2

    1. Introduction of Self –


    2. Talking about past actions or activities – Share last Summer activities


    3. Reading and Comprehension – using actions and activities shared by students


    4. Question Words


    5. Personal Pronouns


    6. Self Introduction


    7. Conversation with friends


    8. Seniors Festival Activities




    Complete Profile


    Write what you did last summer.


  • Personal Profile

    Self Introduction

    My Name is _________________________________

    First Name  Given Name Family Name

    I live with ___________________________________

    My Hobby is _________________________________

    In my free time, I like to ___________________________________

    (What do you like to do? Gardening, Sewing, Cooking, Painting, Singing or Dancing)

    My Phone number is __________________________

  • Activity: Talk about subject and write

    Subject: What did you do during the summer holiday?

    (Did you go any places for holiday? Where did you go?


    (Who did you go with?)

    (Name o

    (Share your experiences)

    (Did you enjoy the holiday?)


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